The Nose-to-Tail Experience


Vision Consultation


Your photography experience begins with a phone consultation so we get to know a little about each other. We'll chat about your pet(s), preference for location setting, who will be in the photos, what is motivating you to have photos taken, and how you envision displaying the images in your home. This information allows me to prepare for your session and have an idea of how to best set up for the desired end result.

There may be just a smidge of homework on your part...but I promise it's fun and will all be worth it when we get to the Art Planning & Purchase session!

Photo credit: Jennifer Halen Photography

The Shoot


Typically we will spend 1.5 - 2 hours on location capturing all sorts of wonderful images. Your pet will pose (get treats), run around (get treats), be cute (get treats)…you get the picture! You may choose to be in some of the photos, too (treats optional). Guaranteed fun and a tired fur baby.  Oh - and I will forewarn that I make lots of squeaking, yipping and otherwise weird noises. Please don't judge...


Art Planning & Purchase Session


More fun! Now we get to design your art! About 2 weeks after the shoot, we'll get back together in person at your home and review all of the images from your session. 

I will have samples of products on hand - frames, canvases, metal & acrylic prints, albums, etc. - so you can touch, see and imagine what your favorite images will look like in their final setting and in their final form. 

You'll place your order at this time and I'll get on to final edits, designing your artwork and ordering from my professional print lab partners. 



The culmination of our adventure is me delivering your artwork to your door and helping set up the display (if needed) and then both of us oohing and aahing over how amazing it all turned out and how darn adorable your pet is. :) 

Delivery on average is 3 weeks; some products may take an additional week if it's busy season.

Let's Get Started!



I would be truly honored to create a vision for your pet's photography session and collaborate with you to bring it to light. Give me a call or shoot me a message to learn more - no worries, no obligation and no pressure. I'm here whenever you're ready!